Psychological Wellbeing in Practice

“Danielle has helped me immensely through some 1-1 work mindfulness practice sessions and ongoing support. She has taught me useful, practical ways to incorporate this practice into my life and as a result I have found some peace and inner calm. Danielle has a calming, soothing presence and has the unique ability to make me feel calm within minutes of being in her company whether in person or on zoom. I have complete faith in Danielle’s holistic approach which incorporates many aspects including emotional, physical and spiritual well-being to form an integrative experience for the client. Really recommend” ZS, Devon, UK.
“Thank you for allowing me to join in with the ‘Introduction to Mindfulness’ workshop. Such a welcoming group of people and an extremely well led, calming and informative hour. I would certainly recommend this workshop to anybody that knows nothing about mindfulness but is curious to find out what the hype is about, and also to those who might be looking for new ideas for their own mindfulness practices. Thank you Danielle!”
“A big thank you for last nights workshop. It really made me stop and think about everything I may be missing by not being in the present moment enough! I would highly recommend to anyone considering learning more about mindfulness”
“Danielle leads a beautiful class. I have gained so much from her teaching, highly recommend!”
“In order to thrive we must adopt an integrative approach….”
Dr Danielle Clarkesmith